Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Juice Journey: Honey Dew Cucumber Juice

The juicer was running all winter and it's still going as the spring season hits (FINALLY!).  Here is a juice with spring and summer elements that will clean you out and fuel your cells and organs.  It's called the Honey Dew Cucumber juice. Take a look!

Honey dew is alkalizing and full of biological living water which contains vitamins and minerals that facilitate detoxification especially of your kidneys.  Cucumbers can also alkalize your body and contain a lot of water. Ginger is good for digestion and apples and oranges are also full of essential vitamins and minerals. You can't go wrong with this juice!

I used my good ole Jack La Lane juicer (not pictured) and consumed it immediately. It's even Caleb approved.  Remember to free style this recipe to suit your taste buds!

Happy Juicing!
Peace and love!