Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Slamming Smoothie Contest - Cherry Berry Heaven

Hey Folks! Our next contender in the Slamming Smoothie Contest is Chansi Coleman with a smoothie called Cherry Berry Heaven.  Not only did she submit a fantastic recipe she included some heath nuggets about the ingredients.  Check it out:
Cherry Berry Heaven:
1 c deep red cherries remove seed
1 c of blueberries
4 c of spinach
a sprinkle of flax seeds
Ice to chill and a drop of agave sweetener
Spinach and cherries are filled with potassium which aid in the lowering of blood pressure while giving the body energy. Blueberries have a low impact on blood sugar and are filled with the most antioxidants for our health. I use agave sweetener as a kick and because it is proven that it doesn't effect sugar levels. Enjoy....
Cherry Berry Heaven by Chansi Coleman
Thanks again Chansi!! I will absolutely enjoy this one! Cherries are on the top of my favorite fruit list!
This entry concludes our competition, but there was one member who was bursting at the seams so although the next entry is not a contender I will post the smoothie anyway so stay tuned!!
Voting will now be open shortly on the blog for the best picture.  The poll will be active for another week and the winner will be announced shortly after.
Peace and Love!