Monday, July 14, 2014

The Smoothie Journey: 10 Smoothie making tips for Newbies

Since I started the Juicing/Smoothie group I have been a smoothie and juice making monster!  I've created tons of new recipes most of which send me into a satisfying blissful state! I don't like to toot my own horn...but TOOT! TOOT!

Since we've started these challenges we've had 65 people join the group! It's awesome! Some of the folks are dusting off their blenders and juicers and other are buying new ones and embarking on a new journey to better health.

I decided to put together a quick list of tips for those that are just starting out.  Making juices and smoothies can be a daunting task in the beginning.  From the feedback I've gotten, people are afraid of wasting money on blends that taste horrible and mixing together the wrong ingredients.

If you find yourself in either category hopefully this list will help!

10 Smoothie Making Tips for Newbies:
1. Start with your favorite fruits/veggies, herbs and liquids.

2. Make simple blends with 3 or 4 ingredients. Don't try to be fancy in the beginning, you could end up wasting ingredients.  You cant go wrong with the classic strawberry banana smoothie.

3. Fresh fruit is more juicy...but frozen fruit is good too.

4. If possible add something green to every smoothie. Spinach is a powerhouse that is relatively bland. The flavor can be masked easily.

5. Choose your favorite protein soruces

6. Always adjust the blend before giving up and throwing it away (add more ice, water, fruits, etc.)

7. Use a good balance of sweet and sour ingredients. If the smoothie is too sweet, add a tart cherry or plum.

8. Keep dates and lemons on hand.  Dates add sweetness and lemons can balance the flavor profile or brighten it up.

9. Make sure you blend to the consistency you like the most.  Too lumpy can be gross, too thin can be tasteless and too thick can be hard to get down.

10. If you are replacing a meal with a smoothie make sure to add enough protein (hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, almond milk, protein powder of your choice, etc.).

Here is one of my favorites: Blueberry Peach!

frozen peaches, fresh blueberries, 1 banana, chia seeds, hemp seeds, ice, lemon juice

Smoothie on the go!

Can you think of any other tips for the smoothie newbies?

Peace and love!