Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Hair Journey: Chunky Afro - Dry Twist Out Process

Hi Folks! As my hair grows, so does my exploration into various styles.  The choices seem to change with each 1/2 inch of growth.  It's been pretty fun to come up with different styles for each stage. One of the most maintenance free styles (meaning I can sleep on it an fluff it out the next day and still look cute)  is the chunky afro by way of the twist out.  My twist outs consist of two strand twisting my hair into various sizes based on the desired coil pattern.

For my chunky afro I prefer the dry twisting because it does not take as long to get big and sassy.  With wet twist outs, it make take a week, with water spritzing to get it to look the way I want. here is my process to get a sassy chunky afro using dry twists.

Step 1 - After wearing my hair in a Flo Fro for one day, I get some oil and begin to twist. 

Step 2 - Here are the completed twists. It took about 1.5 hours.   If I don't have to go out for professional events, I try to keep my hair twisted for a couple of days.  I DO NOT like wearing my hair like this with no coverings (hat, head wrap, etc.). I call them my Color Purple Miss Ceely twists.  Not cute.

Step 3 - After a day or more, I release the twists and let the spiral curls that result get acquainted with the environment. Take a look at the difference between Day#1 and Day#3.  I prefer the Day #3 look. 
Here is the back view.  See the coil/spiral pattern on each piece of hair on Day #1?  Day #3 is less defined and more sassy!  This is the look I love! I can wear my hair like this for a week, and it is still cute!!! Love it!  It's the "weathered" look.  I sometimes pull out the twists and do not cover my head while in the shower.  The extra droplets of water help the fro expand.

Are you a chunky fro fan?  Have one?? How did you achieve your favorite chunky fro look?

Peace and love!